Trinity Lodge 3257 History

TrinityTrinity Lodge was formed as a result of the Amalgamation of Three Lodges – Empire Lodge No 3257, Royal George Lodge No 4119 and Mossley Hill Lodge No 7963.

The Warrants of these Lodges were originally dated September 1907 for Empire Lodge, May 1920 for Royal George Lodge and February 1964 for Mossley Hill Lodge.

These Lodges, in common with many others, had been suffering from falling numbers and lack of recruitment over some years. Various efforts had been made to counteract this. For instance, Empire and Royal George Lodges held joint Festive Boards. lt was becoming obvious that, despite all efforts, the Lodges were faced with handing in their Warrants or seeking to amalgamate with one or more other Lodges.

ln 2003/4 tentative meetings were held between Officers of the three Lodges and it was agreed that amalgamation would be in the best interests of all three. lt was also agreed that the name of the amalgamated Lodge should be Trinity and that it should retain the number of Empire Lodge – 3257. As it was an amalgamation of three Lodges the name Trinity seemed to be the most apt. The retention of the number 3257 meant that Empire Lodge would, in due course, qualify for a Centenary Warrant albeit under a different name.

The necessary approaches were made to Provincial Grand Lodge via the Assistant Provincial Grand Master and the Group Chairman. The end result was that an Amalgamation Ceremony took place at Garston Masonic Hall on 5 April 2005. This was conducted by the Deputy Assistant Provincial Grand Master, Very Worshipful Brother Thomas Blackburn PGSwdB.

The number of subscribing members at the time of Amalgamation was forty-four. An initiation Ceremony was conducted on 3 October 2006. To date several new initiates have been welcomed into the Lodge.

On Tuesday 1 April 2008 the Lodge was presented with its Centenary Warrant by Right Worshipful Brother Colin Penty Wright, Provincial Grand Master for Lancashire.

Since amalgamating the Lodge has been re-vitalised. Our meetings are most enjoyable and he members have been pleased that our social events are now more supported. All in all the future looks very bright for the Lodge with all the members of the three former Lodges having become very friendly.