The Ladies Fellowship Ascends to New Heights

The latest meeting of the Garston Group ladies fellowship rose to new heights with a visit to the St. Johns beacon here in the city centre. Since its completion in late 1969 the beacon has become a focal point in the city and, until recently, it was the tallest building in Liverpool at some 138 metres.

Those of us of a certain age will no doubt remember the revolving restaurant at the top of the beacon which opened in 1970 until closing some eight years later. In 1984, it was briefly home to a fast food restaurant before  remaining vacant for many years. Thankfully, it is again in meaningful use, being  home to the cities commercial radio stations.

The ladies of the fellowship met in the beacon’s reception area before ascending in one of the high speed lifts, which whisk you to the observation deck or ‘crows nest’ in under 30 seconds. The ladies were offered the option of taking the 588 steps which span 93 flights but, for some strange reason, they declined the opportunity! Although the weather was not great, the views from the ‘crows nest’ were fantastic and many photographs were taken. It also afforded the opportunity to view the surrounding area from a different perspective and lots of local landmarks were pointed out.

At the conclusion of their viewing and, having returned to ground level, the ladies continued their day enjoying an afternoon tea at one of the city centre hotels. A splendid event, organised by Garston Group charity representative Keith Williams and sponsored by our own West Lancashire Freemasons charity.

The next meeting of the fellowship, which is open to all the ladies of our group, is to be held at the hall on Friday 29 March.

Please contact Keith for further details at