Lodge of Allegiance 7352 History

Lodge of Allegiance was consecrated on 11th. October 1954.  It was founded by members of Alliance Lodge No. 667, whose numbers at that time exceeded 150.  Our name is ‘Alliance’ with ‘eg’ (for example) inserted in the middle.

The founding father of the Lodge was W. Bro. George Holme, a past master of Alliance and a former policeman in the old Liverpool City force. He was the secretary of the hall at Hope Street, and lived and breathed Freemasonry. He later became DC, he was one of the old school!

Our Grand Officer was Jack Hinton. He started as a barefoot boy with a handcart in the 1890’s, begging and selling offal from the docks. He built himself up a huge business, still in hides and offal; sadly, he was killed crossing the road near his home when in his 90’s.

Our Secretary was Harold ‘Dublin’ Jones, a protestant Irishman. He worked for the Post Office in the city, and had previously worked for the Post Office in Dublin. During the troubles he was besieged in the O’Connell Street Post Office for three days. He was a bachelor, living with his sister.  On his death she burned all the Lodge books and early records before they could be recovered.

The Treasurer was Alf Bates. He was a City Councillor, and tormented successive masters by repeating the ritual as they were saying it.

The Charity Rep was a venerable gentleman named Charles Donohue, a former dancing teacher. He led off the dancing at the ladies’ night for many years, despite being in his 90’s!

Our Almoner, Frank Ashcroft, later became the Provincial Grand Master of Cheshire.

Stan Cook was a warm and gentle man. I recall him coming into the lodge in tears. He had just heard about the disaster at Aberfan.

Stan Banks, another policeman, was a shorthand and cypher expert. He took the minutes at Provincial Grand Lodge, for which he was rewarded by becoming one of the fist Provincial Stewards. He was amazed when introduced to the tape recorder, and fascinated when he found it would play music!

Jack Spears was licensee of the famous Sandon pub near the Liverpool ground. He had the distinction of having given Ken Dodd his first booking at 17 shillings and sixpence.

Dougie Begg was a leading member of the press community; he had a long and colourful career, at home and overseas. He is still with us, an Honorary Member, well into his 90’s.

Percy de Witt was a taxi proprietor responsible for organising the trips to Southport for needy children involving all the cab drivers in the city.

These are a few memories of the early days, and just a few of the notable brethren among many others.

Derek Houghton was initiated into the Lodge in 1957, and he remembers all the old members well.

In those days we had a 4 course meal, entertainment at the festive board and a huge array of drinks on the table, all for an annual subscription of 5 guineas.

In 1968, just before the Installation of Derek Houghton as WM, George Holme, the DC died. Just after the Installation the Installing Master passed away suddenly. During the summer our Senior Warden, Bill Tyrer died, followed by our Social Secretary George Edwards. We had one meeting in October, and then the hall burnt down.  Apart from this, it was an uneventful year!

This of course led to our move to Garston, which we will never regret. The rest is history. We have had many highs and lows, and are much reduced in numbers at the moment. Our spirit is high, and we look forward to the future.