Harthill Lodge 8443 History

Harthill New Logo 12

Founded / Consecrated 16th November 1972.

Consecrating Officer – Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master

Sir Knowles Edge, Baronet.

Installing Master – Deputy Provincial Grand Master.

The Reverend Richard Kenyon-Leigh.


WBro G W Barlow PPrSGW      Bro T H Burt
Bro D M GreenBro A Hackwood
Bro R J HalliganBro K K Klosser
Bro H McCoombeBro T Wlison
WBro C J Marsden PPrGStwdWBro V Pheonix PPrGW
WBro G H PritchardWBro F G Pugh
Bro M D PughWBro A E Richardson PPrGD
Bro C L Richardson

There were 109 Masons present.

The seeds were sown to form Harthill Lodge from our mother Lodge, Princess Park Lodge No. 4769 as early as 1970. The momentum grew slowly until 1972 when 15 Masons from Princess Park, Kirkstone, Ionic, Harmony, Dowling and Gatacre Lodges formed the potential founders of a Lodge to be called Harthill.

Why Harthill? This was the only remaining park in Liverpool whose name had not been adopted by a Lodge. The gates of that park are represented on our Lodge crest and although there are only two statues depicted on the crest, there are four, each depicting a season of the year. It is also interesting to note that the same person designed the gates of Warrington Town Hall.

Of the 15 founder members, two were father and son. This trait continues and to date there having been 5 father and sons in the Lodge, with WBro Ken Jones, Master in 2009, initiating his son Graeme into the Lodge. The Lodge takes great pride in the delivery of its ritual whilst placing an equal emphasis on enjoying our work and extending a warm welcome to our all guests.

At the present time only one of the founding members WBro Michael David Pugh PPrGSWks remains active in the Lodge.

Past Masters
1973 WBro G H Pritchard PPrGD 47691974 WBro F G Pugh PPrJGW 6782
1975 WBro D M Green 1976 WBro H McCoombe
1977 WBro T Wilson PPrSGD 1978 WBro R J Halligan PPrGSWks
1979 WBro T H Burt1980 WBro C L Richardson PPrAGSWks
1981 WBo A Hackwood PPrSGD1982 WBro S G Hudson PPrJGW
1983 WBro D Redman MBE PrJGD1984 WBro J A Walker
1985 WBro M D Pugh PPrGSWks1986 WBro K Bullen PPrGSWks
1987 WBro M Richardson PPrSGD1988 WBro G W I Quinn
1989 WBro D W Monteith PPrJGW1990 WBro M G Whale
1991 WBro T A Bordessa PPrSGD1992 WBro A G Brown
1993 WBro W Baker1994 WBro R L A Poynton PPrAGDC
1995 WBro A D Perris PPrSGD1996 WBro R Garner
1997 WBro C Taylor PPrAGDC1998 WBro L Brooks PPrJGD
1999 WBro J Gwyther PPrSGD2000 WBro R L Shelton
2001 WBro G S Hudson PPrJGW2002 WBro K Owen
2003 WBro T J O'Neill2004 WBro M D Pugh PPrGSWks
2005 WBro C Taylor PPrAGDC2006 WBro M Richardson PPrSGD
2007 WBro K Bullen PPrGSWks           2008 WBro L Brooks PPrJGD                  
2009 WBro K T Jones PPrJGW2010 WBro D Painter
2011 WBro J Gwyther PPrSGD2012 WBro M D Pugh PPrGSWks
2013 WBro L Brooks PPrJGD2014 WBro M Richardson PPrSGD
2015 WBro K T Jones PPrJGW2016 Bro G F Jones
2017 WBro J Gwyther PPrSGD