Facilities, Rents and Capitation Charges

Capitation is £18.00 per member per year and rent is £82.00 per meeting. That means that a Lodge with 20 members would pay to the Hall for 7 meetings €£574.00 rent plus £360.00 capitation totalling £934.00 or an average of just £46.70per member.

This would entitle the Lodge or Chapter to use the facilities for their regular meetings and also use the Lodge room for rehearsals and committee meetings once per month (extra rehearsals and committees can take place by prior arrangement at no extra cost if the Hall is already open on the evening required).

The Hall is run by a small number of unpaid directors and it is because of this dedication by Masons for Masons that we are able to keep our costs highly competitive.

Our only paid staff are bar and cleaning personnel.