Group Bulletin March 2019

Welcome to the March edition of our group bulletin

  • Chairman’s message


    Just a short report this time.

    Since my last bulletin, the group has seen a number of appointments and promotions announced by the Provincial Grand Master in both the Craft and Royal Arch.

    The details of those Brethren who have been honoured are on the notice boards in the lounge and robing area at the hall. I am sure you will have noticed that the number of honours awarded have been less than in previous years, however that is replicated throughout the Province.

    The Group Executive and I congratulate all of the celebrants; however, it is with sadness that I have to report that Bro John Chalkey of South Liverpool Lodge No 2681 who was due to receive his first appointment to the rank of PPrAGSwdB at Provincial Grand Lodge in April, passed away on 22 February 2019.

    I hope as many of you can attend Provincial Grand Lodge and support those receiving honours and at the following banquet. 

    In February I was pleased to attend the 50th Anniversary in Freemasonry of W.Bro Kenneth Milner Dobie PPrJGW of Lodge of Allegiance No 7252 which was well attended and it was wonderful occasion.

    I also attended the Installation Meeting of Trinity Lodge No 3257 which was a splendid evening and it was great to see that they continue to attract candidates for initiation.

    There are a number of events in our group in the near future, however the details are contained in the vice chairman report for this bulletin and I shall not duplicate them here.

    All lodge secretaries will have received the latest edition of the UGLE Quarterly Communication from 12 December 2018 and the Business Paper for the next UGLE meeting on 13 March 2019 and should have sent a copy to all their lodge members who are qualified to receive them.

    In the report from December there is a copy of the speech regarding the current state of membership etc of the Craft by the Grand Secretary which makes very interesting reading and I commend it to you all. There is also a report on the importance of selecting and appointing a Royal Arch contact in each lodge.

    It is very good news that there are a number of Lodges who have had or are planning to have candidates in the near future, and I hope that this trend continues.

    I hope that you continue to enjoy your Freemasonry and I look forward to being with you once again.

    Fraternal regards

    Vice Chairman’s Report

    Well, here we are once again past the middle of the season and approaching the close. 

    We have had some good times so far and I am sure there are more to come.

    If I can start by saying, please can we all pull together and support the group in its stewardship of Provincial Grand Chapter at Southport in October. I know the group chairman has already sent emails to secretaries and scribe E asking for volunteers. I am sure if you have never visited previously as a Companion you will enjoy the whole occasion. We are only a small group and I am sure we have many more Companions who are members of the Royal Arch within other groups who can assist. Hopefully some of you will be able and willing to help out.   

    Talking about the Royal Arch, it is pleasing to see that Royal George Chapter appear to be going from strength to strength with another joining member this coming month and an Exaltation.  I look forward to attending and will wish them all well.   

    In the near future, we have the Provincial Grand Ball on 15 March. This is a night out with our ladies / partners. This is followed by Provincial Grand Lodge on 3 April, a day to enjoy with the celebrants. We have a 50th celebration with Harthill on 16 May followed by the Summer Ball on 18 May at the hall with a great act so don’t forget to book in early as tickets will be restricted. We then have the close of the season with G.L.I.M. Installation 21 May.    

    Matters closer to home, not forgetting the Festival. On 18 March, South Liverpool Lodge will host a visit by David Winder APrGM (the lead for the festival), accompanied by the Provincial Grand Charity Steward Phil Preston to give us an update on progress so far. If I could remind those who are Charity Stewards, Festival Representatives and Treasurers for lodges and chapters, you are expected to attend and if unable to do so then it is imperative that you send a representative. All of the group executive will be present so we will be looking for support at this meeting. (book in with the South Liverpool Lodge secretary  Eddie Nugent)  

    Finally! It’s that time of year again; March is the month that see’s the Group Meeting 28 March. I look forward to seeing as many of the lodge / chapter group representatives as possible present. Please ensure that people are given sufficient notice to arrange to attend and once again, if unable to attend then please request a fellow representative to attend. Also, a reminder that lodge / chapter secretaries and scribe E are also expected to attend. Unfortunately, attendance in recent times has been somewhat disappointing so it would be great to see more faces present.  

    That is all for now. Please continue to support one another at lodges and chapters and the hall.

    See you soon

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