Excelsior Lodge 3580 History

ExcelsiorThe definition of history according to the Collins English dictionary is ‘chronicle, record, story, account, relation, narrative, saga, recital, narration’

This publication is intended to give you, the reader, an insight into some of the history of Excelsior Lodge No. 3580 of the Province of West Lancashire in the register of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Excelsior is a Latin and archaic English word meaning ‘Ever Higher.’

Excelsior Lodge was consecrated on Thursday 18th April 1912 at the Masonic Hall, Hope Street, Liverpool.

The then Deputy Provincial Grandmaster of West Lancashire Worshipful Brother Robert Wylie PGD and other officers of the provincial team officiated at the consecration of The Lodge.

The Lodge consisted of many brethren from all walks of life, from the Liverpool and surrounding areas many of whom were either businessmen, traders, labourers and service personnel, including sea-faring brethren.

The first regular meeting took place on the third Saturday of April 1912 and we have  continued to meet monthly ever since but moved our regular meetings to the first Saturday of the month, excluding the summer months.

As the Lodge meets on a Saturday evening the brethren must wear bow ties unless they hold Grand or Provincial Grand Rank.

The lodge continued to meet throughout the First World War and Second World War at Hope Street, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 1962 at Hope Street. As a result of what was reported in the local press as the Great Fire at Hope Street in October 1968, Excelsior moved to Garston Masonic Hall,

Islands Road South, on a temporary basis which has over time become permanent and is now considered our home.

The Lodge has continued to thrive throughout the years and continues to grow. The current members, like the founders, are from all walks of life.

Despite the changing times Excelsior is managing to maintain a thriving lodge which we expect to continue for many years. As an example there are Master Masons in all positions up to and including the Worshipful Master with a number of other positions occupied by the younger brethren.

It can only be hoped that Excelsior will continue for many years to come, looking forward to celebrating 125 years, 150 years and a bicentennial.

It is felt that the centenary celebration will be a pleasure and great success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Peter J Hosker together with his Provincial team and other distinguished guests for their attendance at our centenary celebrations.